The Ugliest Best Food I’ve Ever Had – MALAYSIA

Let’s face it: mushy brown food is just not appetizing.  Likewise for anchovy-topped papaya, or burnt-looking noodles, or grilled animals whose heads and innards have been left intact for your gluttonous pleasure.

But trust me on this.  Go to Malaysia.  These things are gastronomically orgasmic.

If you need to, close your eyes. Try anything they slop onto your plate.

And if you need to, take a peek at the history of the place.  A peninsula in Southeast Asia, with centuries of Indians and Chinese washing up on shore, and scores of meddling Europeans anchoring at its ports for a plundering, a barter, or a few wars over spices —  I think tells you all.  This place is a culinary Frankenstein.

What follows is a picture of every meal I had in Malaysia (a travel-nerd habit I’ve recently picked up):

Ten days of yum.




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6 responses to “The Ugliest Best Food I’ve Ever Had – MALAYSIA”

  1. themeredithmouth says :

    I have a friend who tells me that food pictures are gross because it’s like saying “here’s something I’m going to poop out later.” I don’t agree. After all, it’s not like I take pictures of PEOPLE and say “Oh well, here’s a person who’s going to die someday.”
    That said, I think the food pictures are delicious. (Especially the soup in the bottom right corner.)

  2. stevemeetsworld says :

    I just noticed curried chicken feet somewhere in this picture. I did not, in fact, eat that.

  3. Fayz says :

    oh…….i’m starving now at this time 1.30am after seeing this picture. I guess i just miss the food back at home so much! =) specially the Nasi Lemak (the coconut rice wrapped in banana leaves) and Roti Canai!

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