Colombia AGAIN? – Answers

Last September, I finished my NatGeo series about drugs in Colombia (check out some videos here and here), and then spent 5 months backpacking through South America (blogs and photos coming soon!).

A month ago, I moved back to Colombia.

cloudsYou, my friend, are asking questions:

Why Colombia again?   Last year, while spending far too much time with police and criminals and almost dying a few times, I met a lovely girl who I learned I can’t live without.  So I’ve come back here to be with her.  I realized in the last couple of bizarre, vagabond years of my life that I need to pursue what makes me happy, not what makes me normal.

She does.kiss

Is this permanent? Dunno.  Could be.  Could not.  Lu finishes her Masters in a year, and then we’ll make a decision if we want to stay in Bogotá, or give SF or Dublin or Berlin or Seoul or maybe southwest Antarctica a shot. The problem with Lu is that she is as weird and curious and full of wanderlust as me — so it will be a while until we settle into true normality.

more answers in next post

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